Aidlab will help you with health monitoring, achieving new fitness goals and more

Your Personal Coach

Aidlab is shipped with a comfortable chest strap. It lets count your push-ups, sit-ups, squats or jumps automatically. Check your progress over time. Create your own training set and let Aidlab be your fitness assistant.

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Pulsing Heart

Monitor Your Health

Advanced biosensors will collect vital signals from your body. Follow your scan on the display of your smartphone, tablet or notebook. Measure heart’s ECG or temperature during your day to get the view of your health.


We give you a highly advanced ECG monitor, which will analyze your heart and discover any abnormalities


Aidlab tracks your breathing behaviour while sleeping. Obstructive respirations are related to breathing disorders


Check the temperature of your skin and always remain in control. Major changes can be a sign of health problems

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Stress Under Control

Aidlab tracks your respiration level to suggest stress management exercises. With simple information displayed on your phone, you can be alarmed about rising levels of stress analyzed in the background. Lowering stress levels prolongs your life.



Thanks to improved Bluetooth technology, Aidlab can be used with all of the newest devices


Aidlab's energy source will keep it working for up to 2 days of standard using. Chargeable through USB


Use Aidlab with your hand or attach it to the beautiful chest strap and gain full control over your body

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