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Aidlab has been positively evaluated in INNOLABS Acceleration program

Gdańsk, Poland 26.10.2018

We’re proud to announce that Aidlab, together with other 100+ innovative projects, won in the 2nd edition of INNOLABS Acceleration. This recognition means further financial support for us to continue developing our device.

Better, cheaper, more efficient research

Gdańsk, Poland 02.02.2018

Chest straps are emerging as a reliable substitute for traditional medical devices; illustrating an abundantly optimistic picture for users and developers. The Aidlab chest strap consolidates its position as a research tool in the matter of continuous internal and external health monitoring.

Over 25 universities from all around the world have already partnered with us by utilizing our device in their efforts to teach future engineers and conduct ground-breaking studies with Aidlab opening new possibilities thanks to its revolutionary compactivity and outstanding user-friendliness.

One of Aidlab's finest qualities is its universality - it's not only suitable for conducting massive studies involving hundreds of patients, but also for a smaller scale study or a preview approach to a research subject - you can easily collect huge amounts of precious comprehensive data even from your own body. Our transparent dashboard and a non-complex, yet providing many possibilities interface allow even those not quite technologically proficient to comfortably and fully benefit each and every Aidlab's feature.

Aidlab opens up new learning possibilities

Gdańsk, Poland 13.07.2017

Since Q2 2017 Aidlab helps companies and training centers meet the growing demand for data science and IoT specialists. Aidlab is a personal assistant you wear on your chest to aid you in everyday routines. Thanks to the advanced system of sensors, it simplifies your training and helps you take care of your health. Aidlab was first introduced in Q1 2017, and from then on various companies and training centers began using the platform and its readings to train students, perform research, and promote their services.

Aidlab workshops are a unique and fascinating introduction to IoT devices and signal analysis. Depending on the demands of the course, Aidlab can serve as a supporting platform for the creation of a device cloud or a medical gadget, allowing the participants to acquaint themselves with basic algorithms used in data processing.

The courses based on Aidlab platform are dedicated to mobile and web developers, statisticians, and medical analysts. However, the courses are designed to suit participants with no professional experience in these fields.

Aidlab is now open for developers

Gdańsk, Poland 03.04.2017

Increasing market demand for health data inspired us to build Aidlab SDK for programmers, scientists, and researchers. Aidlab SDK allows embedding Aidlab into most devices running on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Aidlab SDK is currently in developer preview and is free to use for development and commercial purposes. Future releases will include extended platform support, companion app integration, and improved ways to control Aidlab device with touch detection.

Incoming change in everyday exercises

Gdańsk, Poland 16.01.2017

We would like to announce the release of Aidlab - a device created especially for people interested in health, sport and fitness.

Aidlab is a device providing a great help in counting push-ups, sit-ups, squats, jumps, burpees, and much more. What is even better, Aidlab keeps track of user's health in the middle of training. It analyzes heart, work of lungs, body temperature and overheating. It is enough to put it on chest, set exercises on smartphone and start working out.

Aidlab is not only another activity tracker, but it is the whole system for people spending much time doing fitness and caring about their bodies. With all the functionalities together, it is a reliable sports companion, helping in fitness planning and taking care of the user's health.


Aidlab 2017

Aidlab chest strap

Aidlab 2017

Aidlab chest strap

Aidlab 2016


Aidlab standalone

Aidlab 2016


Aidlab standalone
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Story Behind Aidlab

Aidlab was created from scratch to fulfill a dream about a device that could be an intelligent personal assistant for everyone. As impossible as it seems, that was the first thought which started the project. We want to give everyone an electronic doctor, fitness instructor, and advisor, always next to you.

The project was started by Kuba Domaszewicz, Miron Miotk and Karol Polaszek in 2014. All of us are high-tech geeks, graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology. After 3 months of speed prototyping with the support of an amazing team of industrial engineers, we were ready with the minimum viable product.

Aidlab is an unusual device now, which supports not only by helping in keeping the body in good shape, but also, giving a lot of information about workouts. It is the work of two of our teams – the hardware one, concerned about the sensors, and software developers, who have a deep understanding of core functionalities presented by complicated miniaturized technologies.