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Learn and evolve with data generated by your body

Aidlab pushes the boundary of what’s possible with data. It opens up new learning possibilities, encouraging everyone to experiment with technology. New and aspiring developers can grasp subjects like big data, IoT, and data science in a fun and thorough manner.

Engage with an easy-to-use tool for learning hot subjects. Use Aidlab sensors to build an interactive experience where all users are equally involved

When ordering an Aidlab course, you get a bundle of exclusive materials

Learn trending subjects like Mobile Development, Big Data, IoT, and Data Science

Play with accurate ECG, IMU, temperature and respiration biosensors

See a different approach to programming courses

Why learning with Aidlab is so fascinating? With Aidlab you can check the condition of you or your friends’ body, save your readings, and then work with that data. You get to evolve with data that inspires because it’s personal.

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Aidlab educates in the way you’ll love

"One of the reason why we've created Aidlab, was to teach data science and coding in a simple manner. Designed to work with several platforms, our Developer Kit is also compatible with Swift, Java, C#, JS, C++, R, and Python courses. Aidlab will help you learn how to receive, handle, and analyze signals. You’ll also get to know how to work with basic communication methods and raw data."

Kuba Domaszewicz, CEO at Aidlab

With Aidlab you get a whole system for teaching about body signals, data analysis, and wearables, just to name a few. Give Aidlab to your students and let their creativity flow.

  • Stay on-track with innovative technologies
  • Suitable for classes up to 15 students
For Institutes

For Individual Educators

Our self-explaining code will leave you with only one thing to do during classes — engaging with your students and helping them understand the basics of working with data.

  • Spend less time preparing materials for your next lesson
  • Provide flexible content, personalized for students
For Educators

For Self-Learners

Learn a different and exciting approach to data. Spend your time discovering new technologies while having fun. Follow examples, and create inspiring programs and applications.

  • Be up-to-date with trending subjects and technologies
  • Increase your skills by building amazing apps
For Self-learners

Courses we'll share with you

Building IoT apps

160–360 hours

Create apps for multiple mobile and web platforms with data collected by Aidlab.


Streaming and Processing

20–60 hours

Gain knowledge on compression methods, buffering, and checksums.


40–120 hours

Learn how to read and analyze body data for dependencies and connections.


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Aidlab™ is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2024

Aidlab™ is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2024