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Most Advanced Activity Tracker

Aidlab is a smart wearable, enabling you to become more aware, motivated, and healthy. Wear it as you like, either hide it on a chest strap or attach it to a special Tee.

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Aidlab is a missing gap between simple fitness trackers, and advanced medical devices.

Aidlab was designed to offer a very effective way to keep track of health

This small, wearable device hides many, surprisingly useful functions.

Powerful & Comfortable

Using Aidlab is effortless. Tracking health, improving sports performance, or meditating has never been easier. It's the first wearable that won't compromise your lifestyle.

Catch the energy that flows through your veins

Aidlab allows you to become more aware of your body every second you wear it as our advanced biosensors build an accurate picture of you. Track your daily activity, heart’s ECG or breathing pattern during sleep to get a detailed view of yourself. Follow your results on the display of your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Personal Dashboard

Evaluate your sleep quality, monitor your life parameters, build smart notifications, and see how you improve over time.

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Aidlab reinvents the idea of a traditional chest strap. With our App Market, Aidlab offers an infinite world of possibilities.

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Personal Trainer
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Biofeedback Expert
Collecting ECGCollecting ECGCollecting ECGCollecting ECG

Hours of your team members’ data in one place.

Take your research to a whole new level with Aidlab Teams. Whether it be a group of your patients, trainees or research subjects, monitor their health or fitness state effortlessly.

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