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Live a healthier, more active life with Aidlab™

Everything collected by Aidlab will be available on your phone or tablet. Let our powerful app become your helpmate in health, fitness, and wellness tracking.

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Aidlab app overview

Your truly personal app with customizable dashboard.

Create a central place for all your data. Configure Aidlab app to see all information at a glance. Perfect for tracking your commute, activity, heart rate, or workouts.

Aidlab's components overview

All-day Activity Tracking.

Aidlab app recognizes places and records your activity to illustrate your day, week, or month. Set category, adjust the radius, and track the time you spent in your favorite places. Make adjustments to fit your changing and busy life.

We do not store nor send your location and motion data on external servers. Manually back-up your data anytime.

Seamless Data Collection

Collecting your body’s data has never been easier. Put on Aidlab chest strap, connect to it via our mobile app, and your biosignals will start appearing. The longer you wear Aidlab the more detailed view of your body's condition you'll get. But even a short 15-second measurement can already indicate a heart ailment.

Measuring data with Aidlab iOS app

Share your data with your doctor so he could know your body better.

Time to share your readings with a doctor? Choose your measurement days and hit export. You’ll receive a unique link, valid for 12 hours.

Exporting data with Aidlab iOS app

Create account, and securely store your data across multiple devices.

Exported data preview

View your readings in your browser. Enjoy simple navigation and fast big data processing. Download your data for an in-depth analysis of your body. Aidlab offers unlimited access to your biosignals. Day in, day out.

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Aidlab™ is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2021

Aidlab™ is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2021