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Aidlab revolutionizes bodyweight training with Poland's top Ninja

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Jakub Domaszewicz

Updated onAugust 8, 2023

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced fitness clubs to close, the global fitness sector faced a challenge unlike any before. On the one hand, fitness gyms were empty; on the other, homes worldwide pulsated with the energy of warm-ups, strength workouts, and yoga sessions.

This challenge catalyzed a true technological revolution in the fitness industry. Tens of thousands of trainers, instructors, and yoga teachers migrated to the digital world, launching interactive live sessions, creating their mobile apps, and uploading videos to YouTube. As millions around the globe sought ways to stay fit at home, the popularity of home workout apps skyrocketed. On the international arena, tech giants like Apple noticed the vast potential of the fitness sector. The introduction of Apple's Fitness+ service signaled that health and fitness are now at the forefront of technological priorities.

Transforming the Personal Trainer's Mode of Work

Perhaps the most fascinating result of this revolution was the global revival of calisthenics. Bodyweight-based workouts became the norm for many people worldwide. They were easy to conduct, required minimal equipment, and yielded results comparable to heavy gym workouts.

Among those who surfed the wave of the bodyweight workout revolution was Grzegorz Niecko - a finalist of the Polish Ninja Warrior, a personal trainer who refused to let isolation hinder his mission of improving his clients' fitness. Grzegorz demonstrated determination and innovation in the face of adversity. As workout facilities had to close their doors, he understood the need for alternative ways to continue working with his clients. He knew that despite new challenges, there was no room for compromise on the quality of training.


This is where Aidlab entered the scene - an advanced device for monitoring physical activity. With precise movement analysis, Aidlab allows Grzegorz to assess the number of exercise repetitions performed by his clients and their level of engagement in the workout. This tool, combined with the app, enabled Grzegorz to devise personalized training plans and track his clients' progress remotely.

Grzegorz Niecko overseeing a client's workout

Not limiting himself to simple calisthenic exercises, Grzegorz began using Aidlab to monitor a wide range of activities - from push-ups and sit-ups to jumping rope and challenging plank positions. With this equipment, we ensured that his workouts were effective, and his clients' progress - measurable.

However, it wasn't just about meeting client needs in challenging times. Grzegorz noticed that these new work methods brought unexpected benefits. Monitoring workouts with Aidlab gave his clients a greater sense of engagement and responsibility. Whether push-ups or rope jumps, every exercise and every repetition mattered - and was recorded.

Bodyweight workout tips
Bodyweight workout result analysis

Though the pandemic receded, Grzegorz Niecko did not abandon these new methods. He realized that technology is not just a tool for surviving a crisis but also a key to innovation in personal training. With Aidlab, Grzegorz continues his mission to improve his clients' fitness, raising the bar for personal training standards.

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The automatic exercise classification mechanism was developed thanks to the implementation of Aid2Game, a project carried out under Action 1.2 of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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