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Aidlab designs wearables for researchers, physicians, and developers.

Every day we work with over 120 brands and institutes including Mitsubishi, Jeppesen, MIT, Stanford and many others to accelerate remote experiments. Our goal is to aggregate, organize, and analyze health data to extend the human lifespan.

The Aidlab Team

Robert Kitlowski, CFO

Business, Finances

Dr Lukasz Czekaj, CTO

Medical Analysis, Machine Learning

Jakub Domaszewicz, CEO

Business, Programming

Andżelika Gugniewicz

Business Office Manager

Michał Budzynski, COO

Operations, Project Management

Robert Sawicki, CSO

Security, Compliance

Szymon Gesicki


Lukasz Radzinski


Agnieszka Górecka

Industrial Design, Hardware Engineering

Miłosz Głowaczewski

Mobile Developer

Iwona Sobieraj

Machine Learning Engineer

Mateusz Kowalewski

Jr. Machine Learning Engineer

Karolina Dominiak

Quality Specialist

Jakub Sadowski

Hardware Engineer

Wiesława Wasilewska

Quality Management System Manager

dr Andrzej Jarynowski

Medical Analysis

Paweł Świniarski

Senior Firmware Engineer

Mateusz Tocha

Backend Engineer


Victor Yokota

Hardware Engineering, Programming

prof. Anna Doboszynska

Medical Analysis

prof. Dariusz Madera

Medical Analysis

Our short story

You’ve started working out recently. You’re eating healthy food and counting your steps. You have an app for measuring your sleep, another one reminding you to drink water. You do all those things to stay healthy. But there’s one important question: How can you be sure all that effort actually makes a difference?

Here at Aidlab, we decided to create a device able to answer that question. While companies manufacture heart rate monitors, smartwatches, smart scales, and plenty of other health-focused devices, Aidlab does something else—it takes a holistic view of your health.

Instead of only counting your steps, recording your heartbeat, or analyzing exercise reps, Aidlab also takes advanced readings of your vital body signals, giving you a detailed report on your body’s condition.

We’ve spent over a year of hard work developing and improving Aidlab to take as accurate measurements as possible. The result of all that work is now available for you to enjoy and keep tabs on your health. We’re giving you an opportunity to put your hands on Aidlab — an advanced health tracker that connects to your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Visit our beautiful office

Aidlab is located in Gdańsk, Poland.


Uphagena 27, 6th floor

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Aidlab™ is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2023

Aidlab™ is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2023