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Data monitoring
with Teams

Control your patients, trainees or research subjects.
Watch their health and fitness state at all times.

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Suitable For

Physiotherapy Clubs
Research Labs

Our Teams feature allows you to create a number of teams* and add all the users whose data collected by Aidlab you’d like to analyze.

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Make faster decisions with reporting

Besides manually viewing and analyzing a member's biosignals, you can also take advantage of report generator, which allows effortless data analysis of as many team members as you like. Depending on your needs, you can choose between Health, Stress levels and Sport reports.

What you get

Manage members of a team

Any administrator of a team can invite and remove other team members.

Acquire all the data you need

Teams provides you with a complete set of biosignals, as well as tools making data analysis easy and quick.

It's all secure

All of your members' data is kept on a secure server. Nothing will be ever shared with anyone.

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* The numbers of teams and members depend on the plan you choose.