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Transforming At-Home Sleep Tests: Cardea Med & Aidmed One Collaboration

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Robert Kitłowski

Updated onJune 27, 2023

Sleep apnea poses a significant health risk to millions of people worldwide, yet it is often overlooked and undetected. It's estimated that this condition affects up to 26% of adults between the ages of 30 and 70, many of whom go undiagnosed. This alarming health state is often associated with a host of serious illnesses, such as heart diseases, strokes, hypertension, and diabetes. Despite these unsettling statistics, sleep apnea still tends to be overlooked during the diagnostic process.

The Solution

Faced with these considerable challenges, Cardea Med Medical Center has chosen to take action. Led by Marta Zalewska, the clinic has been a critical player in the fight against sleep apnea. They have been providing patients with necessary tests and care using Aidmed One's Home Sleep Test, ensuring that they receive the most comprehensive and accessible sleep apnea treatment possible

Aidmed One is an advanced sleep monitoring device that aids in diagnosing sleep apnea. Importantly, it is a wireless solution, eliminating the need for complex cables and adhesive electrodes that patients usually struggle with. This makes the sleep examination process easier and less intrusive.

Cardea Med has enriched its services in 2022, by introducing sleep apnea diagnostics, adding this to the existing blood tests and heart examinations. Under the careful supervision of the team led by Marta Zalewska, patients receive our sleep apnea test kit, which consists of a recorder, a pulse oximeter, and additional accessories

First, a Brief Training

At Cardea Med, direct 5-minute training sessions are conducted, during which the patient learns how to operate the equipment properly. With the help of clear, illustrated instructions, even those unfamiliar with modern technologies can configure the device at home before sleep.

The patient then takes the set home, puts it on, and goes to sleep.

First step in home sleep apnea testing
Second step in home sleep apnea testing
Third step in home sleep apnea testing

During sleep, Aidmed One monitors various sleep parameters of the patient, collecting valuable data that are then analyzed by the Aidmed Cloud analytical system. Patients can track their parameters in real-time using the Aidmed Health app, which is available for iOS or Android smartphones.

Marta Zalewska emphasizes that the greatest convenience is the reduction of errors compared to competitive solutions. The merit of this lies in the unique feature of Aidmed One, which allows immediate verification of sensor placement and data streaming. The patient receives instant confirmation that the device is properly installed and that data are correctly transmitted. This gives both patients and medical caregivers the certainty that the data are accurate and reliable from the first night of the study.

Aidmed One provides a practical solution for diagnosing sleep apnea. It gives our patients the ability to complete the test in the comfort of their own home, while we receive precise data that's critical for planning targeted treatment.

Marta Zalewska, President of Cardea Med
Marta Zalewska

For those patients who do not have access to stable internet, the Aidmed One system also offers a traditional offline mode. All data are then stored on the device and can be submitted for analysis after the examination is complete.


After the test is complete, the patient returns the device to the Cardea Med clinic where the report is already prepared for discussion with the medical staff. The analytical system itself is highly effective, which further reduces the time doctors need to analyze the results and allows for almost immediate identification of potential issues.

Sleep apnea report

Aidmed One has allowed Cardea Med to streamline complicated diagnostic processes and focus on delivering effective patient care. "Aidmed One has not only improved our sleep apnea diagnosis system, but has also enabled us to expand our services in new and innovative ways," says Marta Zalewska. "We are now able to properly diagnose sleep apnea." Cardea Med now plans to expand its use of Aidmed One to provide the highest standard of care for their patients.

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