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Aidmed One

Medical-grade, sleep apnea and arrhythmia monitor. For physicians and their patients.

  • Clinically validated chest-based sleep analyzer that identifies apnea and heart rhythm disorders, proven effective on over 600 patients in research programs.
  • ECG recording (1 channel, 250Hz, Holter ECG feature), sound intensity measurement (cough and snoring detection), chest movement recording, nasal airflow measurement (nasal cannula), blood oxygen saturation level (compatible fingertip pulse oximeter), skin temperature measurement, motion and position analysis.
  • Aidmed One works with your phone and cloud software, enabling easy viewing of results and obtaining analysis reports.
  • A full charge lasts up to 72 hours of operation.



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What’s in the Box

USB Cable

Micro-USB Cable

Aidmed One

Aidmed One

Chest Strap

2x Chest Strap



Nasal Cannula

3x Nasal Cannula

Package dimension and size

13cm x 20cm x 6.5cm

0.56 kg

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