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Medical-grade pulsoximeter. Compatible with Aidlab and Aidmed One.

  • High Accuracy and Reliability.
  • 24 Hours Battery Life.
  • Color Screen, Readable.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.


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The Pulsoximeter (medical-grade) is perfect for diagnosing Sleep Apnea by gathering SpO2 and pulse rate data during sleep.

This extremely convenient pulse oximeter is fully compatible with both the Aidlab app and Aidmed Health app. It's designed for long-term and comfortable monitoring of Spo2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Intensity, and Plethysmogram in home settings.

It allows for the non-invasive, painless, and quick measurement of blood saturation (hemoglobin, oxygen saturation - SpO2) and pulse rate (PR). This pulse oximeter is especially designed for nighttime monitoring in conjunction with a sleep or breathing monitoring device, making it ideal for those suffering from sleep apnea syndrome.

Data from the pulse oximeter can be seamlessly transferred to a computer, iPhone, or Android smartphone via Bluetooth. The data, which can include up to 12 hours of information, can be downloaded within 10 seconds and can be exported for future use.

The pulse detector is easy and intuitive to use; simply wear it on your wrist like a watch, connect the sensor, and press the operation button. Once activated, the display will show the Spo2 level, pulse rate, intensity, and plethysmograph. The display also indicates when the battery is low.

To turn off the power, long press the button or unplug the sensor for 10 seconds

The device is energy-efficient - a full charge lasts for 24 hours of operation.

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