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Measurements range and accuracy

Updated onNovember 29, 2021

Aidlab’s sensors measure your heart’s ECG, respiration rate, attitude or skin temperature every time you use it. The sampling rate and resolution for some signals is presented as follows:

Signal Source Sampling Rate Sampling Resolution
1-Lead ECG Sensor 250 Hz (configurable) 24-bit
Respiration Sensor 62.5 Hz 24-bit
9-Axis Motion Sensor 50 Hz per axis (configurable) 16-bit
Infrared Skin Temperature Sensor 0.1 Hz 10-bit

Accuracy of ECG and respiration rate monitor

Aidlab’s ECG and respiration monitor tracks the electric work of the heart and lungs. The respiratory rate is determined by Aidlab device by using the method of transthoracic impedance measurement. The chest has a basic electrical impedance (approximately 500 Ω) for a high frequency (64 kHz) test signal. When lung volume changes due to breathing, the impedance varies slightly from 0.2 to 5 Ω (peak-to-peak). By measuring and analyzing them we are able to determine the respiratory rate. Aidlab is able to detect impedance changes of ± 32 Ohms with a resolution of 16 bits.

These precise measurements can be influenced by several external conditions that you should consider when starting a measurement.

The example output of Aidlab's signals can be reviewed here:

Signal Source Activity type Signal
ECG Sensor Walking Download
ECG Sensor Sleep or stationary Download
Respiration Sensor Walking Download
Respiration Sensor Sleep or stationary Download

More examples

Accuracy of skin temperature sensor

You can review Aidlab's skin temperature sensor here.

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Aidlab™ jest zarejestrowanym znakiem towarowym. Copyright © 2023