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How it works?

Imagine an app that suggests simple activities based on analysis of your behaviour, e.g. how long and how well you sleep, how active you are or where you prefer to hang out. For example - if you hate running so much you'd rather wait for the next bus instead of sprinting 50 meters to get the one approaching the station, that app would never suggest you to run a half marathon (or even a 16th for that matter).

Well, such an app exists and it's called Aidlab.

How does a task get completed?

In order to get credit for succeding, you need to exceed a minimal threshold for the particular activity. There is no upper limit, so don't stop! Not only your health benefits, but you can also place yourself in a record book of the given location, where the 3 best scores of each year land.

What's the catch?

The app is currently only available on iOS phones and feasible actions are for now limited to Gdansk territory.

What do I need?

All you need is an Android or iOS phone with the appropriate permissions to collect location and activity.

Some activities require a fitness chest strap, which extends the fun. The fitness chest strap can detect entirely new types of activities based on the number of repetitions like push-ups, crunches or jumping jacks (chest strap can detect up-to 16 exercises).

See how it works.

An icon with a padlock indicates that certain conditions are required, such as a certain number of steps in the last 30 days. Verification is done through calculating average of your steps from Health Kit (iOS) or Google Fit (Android).

Who is the author?

The idea was born in a Polish startup called Aidlab.

Got your own mini-activity idea?

Please, don't hesitate to email them to We promise to check each suggestion individually and get back to you.