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Connectivity problems on Android

Updated on 14 stycznia, 2021

Read this article, if you are losing connection or can’t pair with Aidlab on Android.

Unable to connect

  1. Check if Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  2. Check that Location services are turned on globally. The Aidlab app will ask for access to your location, but you must enable this for the device before it will work.
  3. Try another app to verify that Bluetooth is itself working on your phone. 

If these steps did not help, obtain the HCI logs off the device and send them to us. Let us know what make and model of phone you are using, and what version of the Android OS you have installed.

Connectivity is unstable

  1. Make sure Aidlab is always near your phone.
  2. Make sure your Android version is up-to-date.

Although Bluetooth is a widespread connection protocol, it has its quirks and weaknesses on some Android phones. In certain circumstances, it requires some troubleshooting before the connection will work as expected. We recommend contacting phone's vendor to let them know that your phone produces bad Bluetooth connectivity.

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