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Updated onApril 18, 2022

Aidlab sensors measure your activity, heart’s ECG, burned calories, respiration or skin temperature every time you use it. Measure yourself after your dinner, while you sleep, or during your workout. It is only crucial to remember the measurements; the exact moment of taking them is not as important as it would seem. Just control the data received by your smartphone, where you can track various parameters.

Pairing Aidlab with smartphone

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and keep your smartphone near to Aidlab.
  2. Turn on the Aidlab by holding the power button for 1 second.
Aidlab's app measurements
  1. The slow pulsating green diode will indicate that Aidlab is on and ready to be paired.
  2. In the app, press the Aidlab icon to connect with Aidlab.
  3. The green diode should pulsate slower, which indicates that you have paired with Aidlab.

Wearing Aidlab

Attach Aidlab to the chest strap by its clips and tighten the chest strap so the four electrodes (two on the chest strap and two on Aidlab) would touch your skin.

When you wear a fully charged Aidlab and it's paired with app, it will automatically start recording after few seconds:

Aidlab's app measurements

It is very important that Aidlab is correctly placed. In order to obtain an accurate measurement, it is essential that all of Aidlab's electrodes remain in contact with your skin at all times. We have designed Aidlab to suit a multitude of body shapes and chest types, allowing for you to make slight modifications to how Aidlab is worn to maximize the recording quality and comfort on an individual level. The recording can be stopped at any time by removing Aidlab from the chest strap or special T-shirt.

If signals are erratic or does not appear, you can try these tips.

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Aidlab™ jest zarejestrowanym znakiem towarowym. Copyright © 2023

Aidlab™ jest zarejestrowanym znakiem towarowym. Copyright © 2023