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Counting calories

Updated on28 lipca 2021

Thanks to all the accurate signals measured by Aidlab, we are provided with a deep insight into our fitness and health. One of the parameters we can learn is the number of burned calories. You can view your calories both on your Dashboard and in the Aidlab app on your phone. Your daily calorie count is available in the Calories component on the app's main screen.

To enable calorie counting, make sure you are logged in your Aidlab app.


The highly precise ECG sensor used in Aidlab supplies very accurate heart rate values, thanks to which we're able to minimize any errors while calculating the number of burned calories.

Heart rate is the base for the calculation, but we also take other information into account. To make sure your measurement is as exact as possible, remember to complete your profile by adding your date of birth, sex, height and weight.

Why don't I see any data?

If your daily calorie count on our app and/or your Dashboard is empty, confirm the following:

This is crucial, as there is no possibility to calculate and display burned calories without HR values. That means whatever number of calories you can see, it reflects only the time you've spent with Aidlab so far today (or on another day, if you're viewing any previous days).

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