Pulsing Heart

Stay in Control of Your Health

Aidlab lets you monitor your heart’s ECG, better manage everyday stress, and add apps relevant to your specific routines. All of it to draw a complete picture of your health.




Heart Monitor You
Can Wear Everywhere

Forget about complicated wiring typical for ECG Holter monitors. Experience effortless connectivity with a one-lead electrode. With the device’s high precision accuracy, you can use Aidlab at home, at work, and during workouts. Day and night. Aidlab is compatible with tees with special holders.

Easy Health Management

Our powerful app will become your helpmate in health monitoring. You can share your collected data with your doctor so he could have a more detailed view of your body

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Stress Under Control

Aidlab tracks your respiration rate and suggests stress management exercises. When you reach alarming stress levels, Aidlab will notify you with a brief information on your phone. Keeping your stress low prolongs your life.

Monitor Your Sleep

Aidlab helps you develop a healthy sleeping routine. Wearing the device at night will give you detailed information on your sleep and help you eliminate sleep disruptors. Getting enough sleep is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle.

Advanced Technology

Aidlab ensures high accuracy of collected biosignals. Advanced technologies for data collection and aggregation give you a chance to know your body better.

High-Precision Sensors

Stay up-to-date with your heart in the hectic pace of today. With an innovative set of sensors, Aidlab follows your health closely.

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Track and analyze your body’s data for everyday health monitoring. Simple data sharing feature can help you and your doctor diagnose various ailments sooner. Aidlab is a revolutionary approach to keeping tabs on your health.

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