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Performance Tracking with HRV

Aidlab will precisely calculate your heart rate variability using real ECG signals. Access your data anytime, from any device, and gain a deeper understanding of your heart's health.

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Most HRV fitness apps refer to this particular parameter because it's one least affected by the body's internal processes. The measurement should be taken for 2 minutes every morning. For a day or two after a heavy training, rMSSD will normally decrease and increase after light load or rest period. If you encounter a low rMSSD reading means you should probably go light during your workout, while normal or high means you are ready to do as usual. Low rMMSD on workout days has been affiliated with higher injury risk and worse performance results. Don't worry, you don't need to learn the details - Aidlab will offer guidance.

What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

Heart rate variability is one of the most useful indicators of cardiovascular condition. Apart from being widely used in everyday life to measure stress levels and, naturally, cardiology, it found multiple applications in sports. Sports scientists and trainers are very keen on utilizing even the raw data, however multiple apps and devices emerged, allowing a regular, non-pro user to receive useful information in a simple form coming from complex analysis without the need to go into too much detail. As mentioned before - there are many apps and devices out there. So why choose Aidlab?

One of the biggest Aidlab's advantages is full ECG recording which makes precise filtering and detecting ectopic heartbeats possible. Once the signal is cleared, we're left with at least 99% reality-conforming R peaks. The final thing we do is to apply a simple ectopic beat detection (golden standard being <20% detection). That's crucial because since HRV analysis is usually based on standard deviation and squared numbers, even a single artifact could dramatically disrupt outcome.

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View your readings in your browser. Enjoy simple navigation and fast big data processing. Download your HRV data in your favorite format for an in-depth analysis of your body. Aidlab offers unlimited access to your biosignals. Day in, day out.

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