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Enhance your training with Polar Beat

Achieve your goals faster with the ultimate workout app that can track more than 100 different sports.

Available on iOS
Available on Android
Polar Beat app overview

Quick pairing

Simply log in to your account and choose the HR Sensor page in your Settings.

Pairing in Polar Beat app

The ultimate tracker

See all your data with live updates, including five insightful HR Zones. Then, share your achievements with your friends with just a few clicks.

Tracking your workout with Polar Beat
Training with Polar

All workouts in one place

Whether you're going for a run, bike trip or a dance training, Polar Beat is the perfect app. Track your maximum and average heart rate, distance, burned calories and more.

Polar Beat is a trademark of Polar.


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Aidlab™ jest zarejestrowanym znakiem towarowym. Copyright © 2024

Aidlab™ jest zarejestrowanym znakiem towarowym. Copyright © 2024