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What is the difference between wearing Aidlab on a chest strap or a T-shirt?

Updated onJanuary 17, 2021

You can wear Aidlab in two ways: on a chest strap or a special T-shirt. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Here’s the rundown of the most important ones.

Wearing Aidlab on a chest strap

To give accurate readings, Aidlab has to be attached tightly to your body. Because of that and depending on your body build, a chest strap can sometimes cause discomfort.

On the other hand, if you don’t wear the chest strap firmly attached, it might slide down your chest, disrupting your workout. And, of course, your readings.

Wearing Aidlab on a special T-shirt

Wearing Aidlab latched to a special T-shirt can be more comfortable during workouts. It’s not to say a chest strap is uncomfortable, but a T-shirt might simply be a more natural way of wearing Aidlab for some. When Aidlab is attached to a T-shirt, we’re generally less aware of its presence.

But there is a drawback to this method. A T-shirt disrupts the stabilizing electrodes in Aidlab, which results in a slightly lower ECG quality compared to a measurement taken via a chest strap. T-shirts also cover the temperature sensors, which makes temperature readings impossible.

Which way should I choose?

If you rely highly on your heart rate during your workouts and stick closely to particular HR training zones, choose a chest strap. Conversely, if you only need an HR monitor not to go beyond or above a particular HR zone, get a T-shirt.

To decide which way of wearing Aidlab is better for you, answer the three questions below:

For HR-dependent and vigorous exercises, we recommend chest straps.

For strength exercises and less dynamic workouts, T-shirts are fine.

That said we recommend chest straps for runners with experience who run according to HR zones. A chest strap will also be a perfect choice for everyday wear because it can be worn unnoticed under pretty much anything, so you can easily get an all-day reading from your body.

Side note: Aidlab is designed to work with many compatible T-shirts. Here’s a list of compatible tees:

Aidlab doesn’t sell T-shirts.

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