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Connecting Aidlab with the Elite HRV app

Updated onMay 21, 2024

Get even more out of Elite HRV with Aidlab Chest Strap

Pair Aidlab Chest Strap with Elite HRV and measure your Heart Rate Variability easily and accurately. Track your recovery and stress levels, as well as guided breathing exercises with live biofeedback.

Elite HRV app overview

How It Works

1. Pairing

Log in to your Elite HRV account and enable pairing by tapping the Connect my sensor button or choosing the Devices settings after clicking your profile picture in the top right corner.

Pairing Aidlab with Elite HRV app

2. Connecting

Choose Aidlab from the list of available devices.

Connecting to Aidlab in Elite HRV app

3. Measuring

Besides the access to different types of HRV readings, you can also choose from many Biofeedback-based breathing exercises to help you be relaxed and mindful at any time of the day.

Different views of the Elite HRV app

Elite HRV is a trademark of Elite HRV LLC.

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