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Feature availability

Updated on 02 August, 2020

Your features may vary depending on the model of the Aidlab you have, firmware version, and on your region.

Limited features

Feature Limitation
Full ECG examination Region: Poland
Saving data offline and synchronization Available since firmware 2.2.6

iOS and Android mobile apps

Our iOS app allows you to track all of your daily activity thanks to Components. Besides the Health screen displaying the ECG chart* and values of the biosignals provided by Aidlab, this includes steps, timeline (with a map of your daily route), burned calorie count, HR Zones and more. To help you visualize your day better, you can tag different places on your timeline as Home, Work etc. and later view statistics of time spent at specific locations.

Our Android app also features Components. As of today, there are three components available: HR Zones, burned calorie count and the main component containing biosignal values, as well as the Health screen with your ECG chart*.

Both apps let you review your previous measurements and data by choosing the desired day. You can also customize your dashboard by changing the visibility of individual components.

* To see your current ECG chart, tap the Aidlab component containing your heart rate, skin temperature and respiration rate.

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