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First Steps

Updated on 08 December, 2018

Before you wear Aidlab on your chest, you must connect it to your smartphone (iOS or Android). Connecting your Aidlab (also known as pairing) makes sure it can transfer data back and forth with your smartphone (known as syncing). Your Aidlab’s data syncs to your smartphone’s app, which is where you can see your stats, analyze historical trends, set goals, review your exercise history, export your data and much more.

Your next steps will involve:

  1. Unboxing.
  2. Installing the Aidlab app for your smartphone.
  3. Pairing Aidlab with smartphone.
  4. Wearing Aidlab.


The package should contain 1x Aidlab, 1x micro-USB cable, 1x chest strap, 1x User Manual Book, and 1x Quick Start Guide.

Installing the app

Install the standard app named Aidlab from our market. The Walkthrough screen should guide you, which actions you should do to properly configure the app.

We also encourage you, to test out other apps from our market.

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