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Data synchronization

Updated onJanuary 17, 2021

In Aidlab ecosystem we can distinguish two types of data synchronization. The first one is between Aidlab and your device (phone or tablet), while the second one sends data from the app on your device to our Cloud (optional).

Syncing data from Aidlab to your device

When you use your Aidlab without connecting it to any device, Aidlab stores your data internally. The amount of data Aidlab can store depends on its capacity. After connecting Aidlab to our app on your device, it simultaneously collects new data and sends older, unsynchronized data to your device.

Syncing times can take a few minutes up to multiple hours, so please be patient. It depends on the size of your internal memory capacity and the time you spent collecting data without connecting to your phone. The estimated time left to synchronize your data is always displayed in your app.

Syncing data from Aidlab app to Cloud

Every 1-3 minutes, our app sends your data to the Cloud. This requires an Internet connection and being logged into an Aidlab account. Because collected data can go up to 500MB daily, it's recommended to synchronize while being connected to a WiFi network.

By entering Settings > Synchronization in your iOS/Android app, you can choose whether you'd like to synchronize your data to the Cloud. You can also decide if you want to keep all the data locally, on your phone's storage.

You can access your server-synchronized data in your browser by logging into your account. Remember that this type of synchronization can take up to a few hours, so don't worry if you can't see your new data on the server immediately.

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