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Enhance Data Insights with Events

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Agnieszka Górecka

Updated onApril 15, 2024

Whenever you would like to annotate important data points in your health and fitness data, now you can do it with Events.

We are proud to announce the launch of Events, a feature that promises to transform the way professionals interact with health and fitness data. Events are here to provide unparalleled control over data annotation, making it easier than ever to monitor, analyze, and understand key health metrics.

What Are Events?

Events are user-created or system-detected annotations that can be applied to various data points within the Aidlab ecosystem. Whether you're marking a 'Sleep' event manually or the system is detecting a 'Cough' event, these annotations serve as powerful tools for categorizing and analyzing health and fitness data.

Here are just a few benefits Events offer:


After you create your event, you can find your data much more easily, allowing you to return to them later. Quick filtering accelerates the process of identifying key data points.

Filtering with Events

Event Types

You can associate events with a specific data type or tag, allowing for meticulous examination of health and fitness signals.

Events can be tagged by type

You can edit the timing of these events, ensuring that the specificity of data is always at your fingertips. Events can range from pinpointing the exact moment of a cough to the duration of a workout session.

Events in Reports

The true power of Events lies in their ability to tag data points and present them in reports, creating a myriad of possibilities for data segmentation and analysis.

Imagine a physiotherapist tracking the rehabilitation progress of a patient. They can now mark significant portions of a therapy session, such as moments of peak performance or pain, which are then visible in the generated report.

Similarly, in sports, a coach could tag instances of maximum effort or fatigue during training, providing valuable feedback for performance optimization.

For researchers and data scientists, Events are a game-changer. They allow for the tagging of significant moments, making machine learning and pattern detection more intuitive. With Events, important data points are easily filterable, making it simpler to focus on the moments that matter most. By annotating signals, machine learning algorithms can be trained more effectively, leading to more accurate predictions and insights.

Events are available through Aidlab Web API

For developers, we've made Events accessible through the Aidlab API, offering seamless integration for everyone looking to customize their use of the Aidlab platform even further.

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