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What you could learn from your body within 15 seconds

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Maciej Daniszewski

Updated onJune 5, 2020

As it seems to be an interesting subject for many people mindful of their health, we have provided a short list of benefits connected to brief measurements.

Heart problems. In a short period of time, it is impossible to accurately analyze heart trends or find arrhythmias. However, this period of time is adequate to gather information about any disabilities of the users heart. This short measurement can help in finding out if any ventricle is damaged, as different problems in heart are easy to notice on ECG.

Temperature. We do not always need or want to analyze temperature trends over a 24-hour period of time. Sometimes it is enough to take a measurement that will only tell if temperature is proper according to norms or not. It is an everyday routine at hospitals and a standard at home when someone feels sick. Higher temperatures can be a sign of infection, stress, or many other problems which cannot be overlooked.

Breath frequency/Respiration. There are rare situations, such as being asleep or close to death, when respiration rate falls below 1 in 15 seconds. That is why it is possible to collect this information. It helps in finding out if the user does not have problems breathing. Short breaths are a sign of low lung capacity. This can be a sign of lung damage such as muskovicidosis or even cancer.

Breath depth. As mentioned above, it is possible to check how much air is collected by the lungs. This is important not only in health analysis, but also in trainings. The more air is collected in a single breath, the better. An easy to understand example of this is professional swimmers. If one can swim 10 meters with a single breath and another 15, the second one is much more efficient.

We always recommend to spend time checking if there is anything improper occurring in your body.

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