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Wearing Aidlab

Updated onJuly 31, 2021

You can wear Aidlab in two ways: on a chest strap or a special T-shirt/sports bra.

Wearing Aidlab on a chest strap

Aidlab's Package

Attach Aidlab to the chest strap by its clips and tighten the chest strap so the four electrodes (two on the chest strap and two on Aidlab) touch your skin.

Wearing Aidlab on a special T-shirt

Aidlab's Package

There are special T-shirts available on the market, as well as sports bras.

Attach Aidlab to the chest strap by its clips.

In both cases make sure that Aidlab is not placed upside down - the logo should be below the LED indicator/power button.

Learn more about the difference between wearing Aidlab on a chest strap and T-shirt.

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