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Losing Your Fitness by Negligence - What Can You Do to Prevent It

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Maja Nowak

Updated onOctober 14, 2020

When we work, we often get into a zone where nothing and no one matters. Hunched over the desk, most of us forget to take a break and let those tight muscles loose at least a few times during a workday. And when we do remember, we usually get up to grab a coffee or two and then head back to the desk to finish the work that seemingly has no end.

As a result, we don't drink enough water and let our dried up bodies weld into a permanently hunched position until we wither away like dust. All right, maybe that's taking it a little too far, but one fact remains - we're neglecting to take care of our bodies in favor of making a plethora of excuses.

Little Steps toward Health

Staying healthy is rewarding, but it's not always easy. Cooking nutritious meals and working out can carve out a considerable chunk of time every day. No wonder some fail to remember about all the elements that comprise a healthy lifestyle. And while making lifestyle changes from the ground up is a sizable endeavor, introducing little healthy habits is an effective first step.

First of all, move regularly. Don't sit for hours at a time. Various muscles and tendons in your body adapt to that position and get tight, causing pain and limiting your performance.

Choose the stairs. You don't have to go all the way up to the fifth floor. Phase it out. Incorporate stairs into your everyday routine. Set a goal of, say, three floors a day, and then increase the number as you feel the challenge decreases.

Work while standing. Again, phase it out. I'm not saying you should stand for eight hours straight. See how you feel working when you sit and stand alternately. Walk more. Make a habit of walking a portion of your daily commute at least two to three times a week. As your heart rate increases, oxygen-rich blood fuels your body and mind, reducing stress and promoting cell recovery.

Run as part of your commute. I mean, you still have to go home, right? This approach eliminates the issue of not having appropriate facilities at work to shower post-run.

Stretch whenever and wherever possible. You don't necessarily have to do a split during a meeting, but there are plenty of occasions when you can loosen up those knotted muscles. Be creative. The key here is to make a habit of moving and flexing your body frequently.

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Insidious Negligence

The human body is pretty resilient - years-long negligence usually takes time to catch up with your body. Even though you can't see the damage, it is still being done. Adopting these healthy habits will help you mitigate the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. But the only way to effectively decrease the risk of developing ailments caused by prolonged lack of movement is embracing a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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