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Aidlab is the only activity tracker that lets count your push-ups, sit-ups, squats or burpees automatically. Track your perfromance level. Check your progress over time. Create your own training set and let Aidlab be your personal fitness assistant.

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Automatic Push Up Counter

Your training was so heavy you forget to count your push ups — it just kind of happens. But these days might be long gone as we introduce you a new fitness experience. Aidlab is powered by a dedicated workout sensor that can automatically detect 16 exercise modes. Now you won't miss a single rep.

Pair Aidlab with any Bluetooth-compatible wristband to get the most out of your runs, walks, rides, and other workouts.

Better Performance Tracking

Aidlab can track your heart beats with outstanding precision. High-sensitivity electrodes used in our ECG scan make Aidlab's HRV reading two times more accurate compared to wristbands. Aidlab also recognizes your heart rate zones, recovery stages, and cadence. Collect your data, enhance your training, and boost your endurance.

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New head-to-head competitions. Complete tasks together or choose to compete over who is the first one to finish them all.

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